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4 Life Physiotherapy has a dedicated team of Physiotherapists who provide specialised occupational health services throughout Western Australia.

Our Occupational Health branch is called Workscreen Medical and operates throughout Western Australia from our Mandurah clinic. We perform employment medicals, functional capacity evaluations, respirator fit tests, occupational screening and a range of specialist ergonomic and manual handling assessments, training and intervention programs.

To read more about the full scope of work performed by Workscreen Medical, including our Physiotherapy services, please visit our dedicated Occupational Health site here

Ergonomic & Manual Handling Programs

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in the outpatient management and rehabilitation of a wide range of surgical cases, including but not limited to:
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Pre-employment “Job Matching” requires the comparison of a potential employee’s capacities against the critical physical demands of their job role. Studies have shown that employees matched in this manner are likely to remain with the employer 50% longer and are 3.8 times less likely to be injured. FCE’s are also valuable when returning injured workers’ or making employment decisions.
Job Role Profiling
A comprehensive and quantified job analysis (classified using DOT classifications) detailing the critical physical demands required to perform the job has countless applications including pre-employment and periodic functional capacity evaluation, prescribing return to work duties, setting vocational rehabilitation goals and HR documentation.
Ergonomic Workstation Assessment
Workstation ergonomics has come a long way from the days of ordering a generic “ergonomic chair”. Allow us to assess for active and dead work spaces, discuss workflow, put in place internal and external reach zones, and provide advice on “reset” exercises and tips on how to avoid complications resulting from “Sustained Sedentary Behaviour”.
Manual Handling Training
Manual handling training should be an exciting and practical experience. It provides workers with the ability to assess work for ergonomic risks, safely perform manual handling tasks, sit & lift with strong spinal postures and know how to engage their core spinal muscles and perform preventative and recovery stretches.
On-Site Physiotherapy
4 Life Physiotherapy specialises in the provision of on-site Physiotherapy. Treating your workers on-site will reduce productivity loss, result in improved early reporting of injuries (and hence reduction in future injuries), reduce the likelihood of chronic/repetitive strain injuries and improve communication between treating physicians and site managers. On-site physiotherapists will also provide comprehensive statistics to help the employer to better understand the origin of workplace injuries.
Injury Management / Rehabilitation Consulting
4 Life Physiotherapy is highly experienced in providing injury management/rehabilitation consultants to major mining, oil and gas and construction companies. We can integrate into your existing teams and processes and drive improved return to work outcomes.

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