Sports Injuries

If you want to spend less time on the sidelines, book an appointment to see us regarding your sports injury.

Accurate diagnosis, early management, and specific rehabilitation of sporting injuries are crucial in getting you back on the playing field quicker and in preventing injury recurrence.

The physiotherapists at 4 Life Physiotherapy are experienced in both the conservative and post-operative management and rehabilitation of a wide range of sports injuries and musculoskeletal sprains and strains. Our staff have a strong interest in sports physiotherapy, have worked with sporting teams, and have completed additional training in the latest sports injury management and rehabilitation techniques. 

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Benefits of Sports Injury Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

There are many benefits associated with completing an individualised sports injury rehabilitation program under the guidance of our Physiotherapists. The first is that it can help reduce your injury time and speed up your recovery by getting you back to full function quickly. The second is that it can significantly reduce the likelihood of further injuries or re-injury occurring to the same joint or muscle.

You will also experience other benefits such as improvement in strength and mobility, reduction in pain or discomfort and improvement in sports-specific performance. Improvements in movement patterns and posture, balance, coordination and stability can also be gained through active participation in your rehabilitation program. 

Why Choose 4 Life Physiotherapy

4 Life is the most prominent Physiotherapy clinic in the region when it comes to our association with sporting clubs and our management of sports-related injuries. We are associated with many of the top sporting clubs in the region including Mandurah Magic NBL1, Mandurah Triathlon Club, Peel Thunder, Pinjarra Tigers Football Club, Peel United Soccer Club, Mandurah Makos, Mandurah Bowling Club, and Peel Lighting Netball amongst others.

Sponsored Athletes

As part of our commitment to our local sporting community, we partner with a select number of local sporting people who reflect our company’s values in sport. The aim is to support those in pursuit of their ultimate sporting dreams! Some current sponsored Players include:

Liv Dyer

National Champion Muay Thai

“I started Muay Thai at age 5 and have been fighting since I was 12. I am now 15, have had 7 fights and am the current Australian National Champion for my age and weight – having won gold at the Muay Thai Australia Nationals in Queensland in 2022.” Liv is heading off to Turkey in September to represent Australia in the IFMA Youth Muay Thai World Championships. This is her 2nd international competition representing Australia. Liv’s goals for the future are to continue competing both in Australia and internationally and earn a place in the 2032 Olympics.

Hayden Matthews

Peel Thunder League Player

Football has been a yearly occurrence since the age of 8. Starting my junior playing days at the Warnbro Swans Football Club and then transitioned into senior football at the Rockingham Rams, where I made my league debut at 16. Going forward I played majority of my football in the WAFL at the Peel Thunder Football Club working my way through the colts, reserves and then making my league debut in 2017. In 2020 & 2021 I return to my local club, Rockingham Rams, winning the 2020 premiership and narrowly losing in 2021 by 1 goal. Since returned to Peel Thunder and has played 40 league games to date

Rachel Halleen

Mandurah Magic NBL1 Player

Rachel has played basketball for Mandurah Magic Juniors since age 10 and with the SBL/NBL1 women’s side since age 16. She has played almost >325 games in the SBL/NBL1 and is proud to be a life member of the club. Rachel is currently co-captain of the Women’s NBL1 team. 

What to Expect / Visiting a Physiotherapist

Whatever your sport or level of participation, 4 Life Physiotherapy can help. Our physiotherapists have worked with athletes from a range of sporting codes and of varying levels from social and amateur sports people to athletes competing at state, national and international levels.

1. Assessment

Our Physiotherapists will perform a comprehensive assessment of your sports injury to find the cause of your pain or discomfort. This may include asking about yourself and your injury and what activities make your pain worse and what makes it better. We will then examine the injured / painful area using a range of specialised orthopaedic tests.

2. Diagnosis

Next, our experienced Physiotherapists will offer a diagnosis based on their findings from your assessment. If further investigations like X-rays or MRIs or other medical testing are required, we will provide a referral. We will take the time to explain your diagnosis and answer any questions you may have.

3. Treatment

At 4 Life Physiotherapy, we adopt a holistic approach to treatment. We will address not only the symptoms of your condition but also the underlying cause of your problem, ensuring long-term results. We have a fully equipped rehabilitation gym on-site to take you through your rehabilitation program.

4. Ongoing Care

The last thing you want following a sports injury is to suffer a reinjury during your recovery and return to sport. That’s why our focus is on holistic, long-term results, rather than a “quick-fix”. We will explain to you the best course of treatment for your injury to not only get you back on the field quickly but to keep you off the injury list in the future.

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