Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us


We take the time to assess each patient and develop a scientific approach to their care, ensuring long lasting results.


We ensure adequate time is allowed for every appointment and never double book.


All staff at 4 Life place our patients at the centre of our care, empowering you to make good healthcare decisions.


We will communicate with you along your journey with us. From text message reminders to inbox home exercise programs.


Our team undertake group and individual professional development training every year to further their skills.


We hope that you will notice our smiles as soon as you enter our practice.

“We promise to take the time to accurately assess and treat your condition and explain what’s going on in a way that you understand – after all this IS about you!”

Clinical FAQs

Our job is to get you out of pain or back to optimal functioning as soon as possible. We achieve this by using a combination of “hands-on” therapy and exercise to improve your mobility, flexibility, strength and overall function. GPs refer more people to Physiotherapists than any other health professional, so this shows the wide scope of conditions that we can help with. Take a look around our website to see the types of services we offer and the conditions we treat.
All of the Physiotherapists at 4 Life Physiotherapy are registered with the major Private Health Insurers in Australia. Private Health Insurance companies do not require a medical referral for Physiotherapy services. A medical is only required if you are claiming Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance, Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Veterans Affairs.
Firstly… welcome! Thank you for choosing 4 Life Physiotherapy. Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before your first appointment to complete any relevant paperwork – it may surprise you, but we run on time for greater than 95% of our appointments. Please bring any referrals, and relevant test results (such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and Ultrasounds). If you are taking multiple medications, or have a complex medical history it may be helpful to bring a list with you.
Please wear clothing that will allow the Physiotherapist to expose the area that needs to be assessed and treated. If you are attending the gymnasium or an exercise class, please wear appropriate gym attire and bring a towel with you.

For most conditions that we see, it is not necessary to have a scan. In fact, general practitioners, specialists and physiotherapists generally advise against imaging unless it is thought that something more sinister is going on. The reason is that there is often very little correlation between what is seen on a scan and the pain that you feel. Most people will have various levels of spinal disc degeneration, tendon fraying and other things shown on scans – but this may have nothing to do with the root cause of your problem. Rest assured, our Physiotherapists are highly skilled at determining whether scans are necessary and can refer you for x-rays, MRI scans, and ultrasound if necessary.

Physiotherapy may have very fast pain relief in the early stages of treatment for many conditions; however, the rate at which physiotherapy decreases pain is also dependent on the injury. Recent onset of pain often begins to subside after just one session, however for chronic pain that has been an issue for many months/years, it may take longer to work.

“We promise to do everything we can to get you pain-free.  You won’t be rushed in for a quick fix – we aim to treat the cause of your pain at its source”

Billing FAQs

As all of our Physiotherapists are registered with all major Private Health insurers in Australia, our services are covered to the extent that your policy provides. Thanks to our TYRO claiming system, we can make an immediate claim to your insurance company and you only need to make the gap payment. Please contact your particular health insurance company for more details if you are unsure.
Payment is required at the time of your appointment and can be paid in cash, EFTPOS or on a credit card. If you have an approved Workers’ Compensation or Motor Vehicle Insurance claim, we may be able to directly bill the insurer.
The answer is yes, but only if you have a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral from your GP. If you have a chronic medical condition that requires Physiotherapy, please speak with your GP to see if you are eligible for referral under the CDM program. Under this program, you can have up to 5 allied health appointments rebated by Medicare each calendar year. Our Clinical Associates bulk bill medicare appointments and our Senior Associates charge a small co-payment. We have more bulk billing Physiotherapists than any other clinic in Mandurah.
We understand that many patients feel great after visiting 4 Life Physiotherapy and may no longer require a scheduled appointment. We kindly request that you provide 24 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment.
We are happy to offer same-day appointments when available. Call us now on 9583 5200 for the earliest available appointment.

“We promise to greet you with a smile.  It might not sound like much, but our patients tell us that our relaxed and friendly staff sometimes have them feeling better before the treatment has even begun.  We love what we do.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe. Injuries typically occur where the load applied to the tissue (such as muscles. tendons, ligaments…) exceeds their capacity. If you protect too much and the load to the tissues is way down the body will adapt by reducing the capacity of the tissue, making recovery and return to sport/work more protracted. The key is to maintain adequate. loading to prevent deconditioning. This requires carefully guided modifications to your training and work tasks. There is an excellent video by “Running Reform” that you can view here.

Yes, we have a large stock of short, long and air walker boots.  We typically hold multiple boots in all kids and adult sizes but recommend you call us to confirm before coming in in case there are any supply issues. We typically see people for same-day fitting of moon boots.

Yes, we love to treat kids. If your child has complex or specific care needs, please give us a call to ensure that your appointment is scheduled with the most appropriate therapist.

Providers of healthcare and NDIS services are bound by law to keep the medical records and health information of their clients safe and private.  We manage your privacy in accordance with our privacy policy.

Please see a copy of our returns policy here.

“We promise to work as part of your medical team. We always liaise with your GP to keep them informed of your progress. We are associated with many specialists, support coordinators and other allied health professionals.”

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