Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

4 Life Physiotherapy has a wealth of experience in working with patients in their pre and post operative rehabilitation stages and can provide you with the guidance and reassurance you need to make a full recovery.

We work with many top surgeons in Perth who want to ensure their patients receive the best possible outcomes following their surgery. We see high-level athletes recovering from sports-related surgery, workers recovering from workplace injuries, and patients who have undergone routine surgeries such as hip and knee replacements and shoulder surgery.

Having an operation at any stage of life is an important event, and while you may not be able to change the fact you need an operation, you can choose to organise the best Physiotherapist to help you achieve your post-op goals. 

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Common Surgical Cases

Our Physiotherapists are experienced in the outpatient management and rehabilitation of a wide range of surgical cases, including but not limited to:
Joint Replacements – including knee, hip, ankle & shoulder
Arthroscopies – including knee, hip, ankle, shoulder and other joints
Ligament and Tendon Reconstructions - including Rotator Cuff Repairs and ACL Reconstructions
Spinal Surgery – Including fusions, laminectomy and discectomy
Knee Surgeries – including MACI Grafts and Tibial Tubercle Transfers
Hernia Repair – including open repair, laparoscopic “minimally invasive” repair, and robotic repair

Pre-Op Rehabilitation “Pre-hab”

Pre-operative rehabilitation is important to optimise the outcome of your procedure. While the need for rehabilitation following surgery (post-op) is well appreciated, the importance of exercising before surgery (pre-op) is often overlooked. Because of the many months of pain and reduced activity leading up to surgery, muscles become weaker, and walking, balance and fitness deteriorate. Studies have shown that patients who perform a 6-week pre-hab program can increase muscle strength by 20% and reduce the risk of extended hospitalisation by 73%. Pre-hab improvement in muscle strength will reduce the effects of muscle wasting following surgery, making standing, walking and getting out of a bed or chair much easier. 

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Your rehabilitation will be individual to you and will vary according to the procedure performed, your specialist’s protocols, and your personal rehabilitation goals – be it to return to sport, work or pain-free daily activities.

Appropriate post-op rehabilitation is important in achieving the optimum outcome from your procedure and in minimising the risk of complications. Your rehabilitation at 4 Life Physiotherapy may include a combination of manual therapy (such as mobilisations and massage), exercise rehabilitation (home exercise programs and gym-based rehabilitation), education and advice on self-management techniques and normal recovery time frames, and gait re-education where appropriate. 

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