On-Site Gym

Complete your rehabilitation in our private on-site gym.

4 Life Physiotherapy has a well-equipped rehabilitation and conditioning gym onsite with commercial-grade equipment chosen specifically for physiotherapy based rehabilitation programs.

Many injuries require more than a home-based exercise program to return you to full function. This is especially true where a return to demanding physical activities such as heavy or repetitive work or high-level sport is required.

Our team of physiotherapists can assist you with setting a gym based rehabilitation program tailored to meet your return to work/sport/lifestyle goals. 

To book your on-site gym appointment, click here.

Benefits of Gym Based Rehab

We know that “hands-on” therapy has a place in the short term for reducing pain, but the missing link between short and long-term change is exercise. We place a really strong emphasis on exercise for the research-proven benefits in reducing pain, and improving joint confidence and quality of life. Also for the life-changing physical benefits that come from having a strong, resilient body.

Exercise also helps with some of the non-tissue-related factors that are research-proven to worsen pain including stress, lack of sleep, fear of movement or lack of confidence in moving.

We have helped hundreds make the journey from painful to pain-free and beyond. We have hundreds who enter our doors just to exercise each week to be the best physical version of themselves. 

Gym Based Classes?

Some patients may benefit from completing their rehabilitation in a supervised gym class environment. All participants in our Physiotherapy classes have an individual rehabilitation program which is supervised and progressed by our Physiotherapists. Our classes are typically full of laughter and great community which will help to keep you motivated throughout your recovery.

Our classes are also suitable for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis and those recovering from surgery such as cardiac and hip/knee replacements.

At 4 Life Physiotherapy, we find when people undertake sustained periods of supervised physio-led exercise they report less pain, improved function, and are capable of doing more with their body without feelings of tightness, pain or restriction

Work-Related Injury?

4 Life Physiotherapy is the preferred Physiotherapy provider for many of the largest organisations in our area. We are fully aware of all WorkCover regulations and can work with your treating doctor to help get you better sooner.

Our experience with work-related injuries tells us that a period of gym-based “work-hardening” will result in a more complete recovery and reduce the risk of ongoing pain or reinjury. This experience is based on the best available research evidence and is supported by the clinical framework for the delivery of health services under WorkCover WA.

We do not charge any gap fees for WorkCover clients, so there will be no out of pocket costs for your gym-based rehabilitation should you have an accepted Workers’ Compensation claim. 

Common Conditions Helped By Gym Based Rehabilitation

There is no limit to the number of conditions that will benefit from an individually tailored exercise program.  Just a few of the common conditions our Physio’s are experienced in prescribing gym programs include:
Work Hardening Programs
Sports Specific Rehab
Diabetes & Weight Loss
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