Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics built especially for your feet and lifestyle by Podiatrists.

At 4 Life Physiotherapy, our expert clinicians have extensive experience in treating foot pain, lower limb disorders and low back problems. Many times these conditions are affected by the biomechanics of the feet and lower limbs. In this case, we are dedicated to providing our patients with an orthotic device that is comfortable, effective and long-lasting.

We believe that technology plays a hugely important role in precisely measuring and manufacturing a custom orthotic device. This is why we have upgraded our technology 3-times over the previous 10years, to ensure that we are working with the world’s best equipment, devices and laboratories. 

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Why Custom Orthotics?

Custom Orthotics are specialised medical devices made of rubber (soft) or flexible plastic (semi-rigid), used to support, align, prevent and/or correct deformities or to improve the function and mobility of the body. They sit comfortably inside your shoe, boot or sandal, supporting the natural arched structure of your feet. They may be full length, such as in a sporting shoe, or be modified to suit any type of shoe you regularly wear.

Custom foot orthotics are the preferred treatment for foot pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. They can also reduce muscular fatigue and can help to promote more efficient muscle performance. People who are active in sports may also find custom orthotics helpful to increase muscle endurance, strength and performance abilities. People carrying more weight or who stand or walk on hard surfaces for long periods each day will find relief from the additional stress on the ligaments in their feet and legs. 

Physiotherapist or Podiatrist?

Why choose, when you can see both!

Our team of Physiotherapists and Podiatrists work closely to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. If you are seeing your Physiotherapist for management of your lower limb or foot problems and they identify that you would benefit from a custom orthotic, they will bring in one of our Podiatrists to consult. Our podiatry team will arrange for further biomechanical assessments, walking analysis and 3D scanning of your foot to assist with the production of your orthotic. This will also ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your health fund when it comes to claiming for custom orthotics. 

Common Conditions Helped by Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics can assist any condition which is adversely affected by your lower limb biomechanics such as “flat feet”, “high arches”, overpronation and so on. Some of the most common pain conditions that may require custom orthotics include:
At 4 Life, our team of Physiotherapists and Podiatrists will ensure that you receive an orthotic that is comfortable and effective – we guarantee! Typically a custom orthotic is recommended in conjunction with other physiotherapy modalities such as shockwave therapy and exercise-based rehabilitation.

What to Expect

1. History

We will listen to the detailed history of your injuries, pain, symptoms, work, lifestyle and activity.

2. Assessment

We will perform specialised orthopaedic tests to confirm your diagnosis and will explain your diagnosis in a meaningful way. We will discuss how your lower limb biomechanics have contributed to your condition, so you understand the need for custom orthotics.

3. Walking Analysis

Our Podiatrists will complete a walking analysis to assess your whole body and how it moves. We may need to take a video to refer to later when completing your orthotic prescription. We will identify any imbalances and assess the movement of the feet, legs and spine.

4. Footwear

We will make recommendations about your footwear preferences and customise your orthotic to suit the style of your shoe.

5. 3D Scanner

Close enough is not good enough! We have overhauled our foot scanning technology 3 times in the last 10 years to ensure we are using the best available proprietary scanners. To the patient, this is a simple process, not too different to having a specialised “photo”

6. Production

We use an Australian orthotic supplier who craft orthotics to the highest level of precision based on our assessment, prescription and scans.

7. Fitting

Finally, you can collect your new orthotics and start wearing them. We offer a fitting guarantee, and should any issues arise in the following 90-days, we will review at no charge.

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