Work Injuries

4 Life Physiotherapy has a dedicated team of Physiotherapists who specialise in the management of work-related injuries.

The goal of our Physiotherapy program for your work-related injury is to optimise your participation at home, at work and in the community, and to achieve the best possible health outcomes following your injury. Our interventions are goal-oriented, evidence-based and clinically justified.

Best of all, our therapy and administration team are very experienced with the Workers’ Compensation system and can help you to navigate these systems with a minimum of fuss. We do not charge any gap fees for WorkCover clients, so there will be no out of pocket costs for your Physiotherapy and gym-based rehabilitation programs should you have an accepted Workers’ Compensation claim.

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Clinical Framework

We closely follow the national clinical framework for the management of work-related injuries. The principles of this framework are described below.

Principle 1: Measure & demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment

We will use reliable and validated outcome measures to demonstrate to you, your health care professionals, and other decision-makers the rate of improvement in your condition. This will empower you to track and monitor your progress and provides useful information that can assist in targeting treatment and help improve treatment outcomes.

Principle 2: Adopt a biopsychosocial Approach

We will consider the biological, psychological and social factors that influence your health as part of our assessment and treatment interventions. This approach improves function, facilitates recovery and maximises independence whilst minimising the risk of long-term activity limitation, participation restriction, or persistent pain.

Principle 3: Empower the injured person to manage their injury

We will provide you with education about your injury, help you to set achievable goals, and develop strategies that you can use to self-manage your recovery. We know that “hands-on” therapy is useful for reducing pain in the short term, but will provide you with long-term change through exercise and rehabilitation.

Principle 4: Implement goals focused on optimising function and return to work

Following your initial assessment, we will together develop specific, measurable, and achievable goals which are relevant to your recovery and return to participation at home, at work and in the community. We will work with you to progress towards achieving these goals within the agreed timeframes.

Principle 5: Base treatment on the best available research evidence

Physiotherapy is science. You will receive an individual treatment program, specific to you and your injury. We will use the best available scientific research evidence to inform our decision making to ensure that the treatment offered has the best chance of success.

Services Offered

If you are injured at work, you can access any of our Physiotherapy services under your claim, provided they are appropriate for your condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a referral to Physiotherapy from your treating doctor, which may be your GP, a specialist or your company’s doctor. A first or progress certificate of capacity that lists Physiotherapy as a treatment is an acceptable form of referral. Once you have a copy of your referral, please contact our reception team to make an appointment.

You will need to bring the following to your appointment:

  1. Claim Details: including claim number, case manager name and contact details.
  2. Referral letter or certificate of capacity advising Physiotherapy treatment.
  3. Claim acceptance letter from your relevant insuring company from work (if you have one)
If you have a valid referral and your claim has been approved and liability has been accepted, we do not charge any gap to attend our clinic. If you have submitted a claim, but are awaiting the outcome of the insurer’s assessment, we recommend that you commence treatment and we will hold the accounts with the understanding that you will pay the accounts should your claim be disallowed or disputed. The insurer has 14-days to assess your claim. If you are considering submitting a claim, but have not yet submitted a claim, we will see you as a private patient and payment will be expected on the day. You can claim these costs back from the insurer should you have an accepted claim down the track.

If your injury occurred in WA then WorkCover WA can provide free unbiased advice and assistance about Workers’ Compensation. Start by looking at this section of the WorkCover WA website.

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