Physical Impairments

Conditions Primarily resulting in Physical Impairments

Our NDIS Physiotherapists are experienced in supporting people with disabilities primarily resulting in physical impairments. We work with people of all ages who need support to improve their strength, movement and flexibility to help them to achieve their goals. We can work as part of your therapy and support team, such as family members and carers, to together achieve great things. We can prescribe mobility equipment to help people stand, walk or move around more easily or independently within their home, school or local community.


Losing a limb or part of it can be traumatic and life-changing. We will do a thorough assessment of your needs and develop a rehabilitation program specific to your functional goals. Depending on your amputation, you may require a prosthesis, walking aids and other relevant assistive technologies to make your life as functional and independent as possible. We can assess you for the relevant assistive technologies and apply for them via NDIS. We will develop a sustainable, always progressing strengthening and stretching program to help you improve your functional ability. An individualised rehabilitation program is paramount during the recovery and maintenance process.

Spinal Cord Injury

We aim to assist you with becoming more functionally independent and help you to re-integrate into a meaningful life. There is often a need for assistive technologies to assist with function, we can assess, prescribe and do the relevant NDIS applications for you to access the assistive technologies that you need. Whether your goal is to return to school, study, work or other community activities, we will always tailor your Physiotherapy program to work towards these goals.

Cerebral Palsy

Our NDIS team is experienced in working with participants with all forms of Cerebral Palsy. We understand the need for our interventions to be specific to addressing your personal challenges. Regardless of the severity, there is a lot that our therapist can do to help with improving independence and achieving NDIS goals.

In addition to providing therapy, we can assess, prescribe and apply for assistive technologies via NDIS to help you with your functional ability. Our therapist is well versed in neuroplasticity and specialised skills that can help you improve your functional ability and prevent secondary complications such as joint contractures, muscle wasting, pressure sores etc.

Neuroplasticity: the ability of the brain to form new and reorganise damaged neural pathways. 

Muscular Dystrophy

Our NDIS Physiotherapist will work with you to slow the rate of disability by maintaining and improving the strength of your muscles. Early intervention with a skilled therapist is important to prevent the development of further secondary complications and to maintain and improve your functional ability where possible. We can do therapy in any environment which is preferred by you. Should you require any assistive technologies to help with your function, we can assess, prescribe and complete the application reports to NDIS. 

Other Common Conditions

There are hundreds of conditions that are seen under the NDIS by our therapy team, so please get in touch to discuss how we can help. Other common conditions that we see that primarily result in physical impairments include:

Congenital absence of limb(s)

Juvenile Arthritis / Stills Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis


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