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Are you affected by a disability?

4 Life is here to improve your functional ability and to help you prevent any secondary complications with sound and scientifically proven individualised therapeutic interventions. We have caring, experienced and enthusiastic staff members that will assist you in leading a purposeful and meaningful life.

To commence your NDIS Therapy with us, please complete the Referral Form below.  If you need more information about our NDIS Services, please call us now.



How Do We Work?

Our team is experienced in supporting participants through their NDIS journey. Our NDIS administration staff and therapy team are here to help you to better understand the NDIS system and how to access the therapy services you need. As an overview of how we work:

Step 1

After an initial telephone consultation with our NDIS administrator, you will meet with your therapist who will welcome you to our therapy services and start the assessment and planning process.

Step 2

Your therapist will develop a therapy plan with great care and accuracy. It will meet the NDIS standards and clearly show how therapy will help you to achieve your goals.

Step 3

If required, an assistive technology application will be completed once the correct equipment has been sourced and trialled.

Step 4

Therapy will then commence under the care and guidance of our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists and Therapy Assistants.

Step 5

Practice and progression of your therapy will see you move closer to achieving your goals.

Step 6

A formal review process will occur at least annually to review your therapy against your current goals. Formal NDIS reports are written to justify the ongoing need for therapy and future funding.

Do I qualify for NDIS funding?

“To be eligible for NDIS funding, the disease or medical condition must cause permanent impairment (physical, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, visual, hearing, or psychosocial), resulting in significant disability”- National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS system can be a complex journey to navigate, but we are here to help. For some initial understanding of the NDIS system, please click here. Otherwise, if you are ready, please call us now and our team can assist. 

Who Do We Help?

We provide support to people with disability with NDIS funding. We can assist with a variety of conditions.  Click for more information:

NDIS Physiotherapy

At 4 Life Physiotherapy, our NDIS physiotherapists are specifically skilled in disability conditions, utilising therapeutic rehabilitation inventions to maintain, restore and further improve functional levels and mobility.

We prioritise building a relationship with you to help us understand how we can assist holistically to reach your goals. We will prescribe and implement meaningful therapeutic inventions with outcomes that aid in achieving your goals. Here are a few things that we do: 

  1. Comprehensive and accurate assessments and treatment management plans
  2. NDIS applications for relevant assistive devices that you may require
  3. Re-training and maintaining all available voluntary muscle control
  4. Re-training & maintaining postural mechanisms
  5. Improving gait pattern (walking pattern)
  6. Maintain and improve joint range of motion
  7. Education on energy conservation techniques to manage fatigue
  8. Improving your movement pattern and control
  9. Maintaining and improving your ability to do activities of daily living
  10. Education and skills training on how to utilise assistive devices effectively and safely (such as walking aids)

Our Physiotherapy NDIS services are provided under the following categories:

  1. Capacity Building Daily Living
  2. Improved Daily living skills
  3. Improved health and wellbeing
  4. Assistive Technology

At 4 Life our interventions are safe, evidenced-based and performed by enthusiastic and experienced therapists.

NDIS Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiologists support you with specialised and individualised physical activity recommendations, a tailored exercise program and continued health education specific to you and your goals.

Our Exercise Physiologists are skilled at:

  1. Helping you maintain and improve your cardiovascular fitness
  2. Improvement of overall wellbeing and mental health
  3. Weight management plans
  4. Management of chronic diseases
  5. Sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices
  6. Individualised exercise programs specific to you
  7. Training of family and support workers to assist with the continuation of care at home

Our Exercise Physiology NDIS services are provided under the following categories:

  1. Improved Daily Living Skills Category
  2. Improved Health and Wellbeing Category

We tailor our programs to help you to achieve your goals and keep you active in the community activities that are important to you.

NDIS Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapist team is here to help you integrate into activities that you enjoy.

Our occupational therapist is skilled in knowing what interventions will help you achieve your goals the most effectively by:

  1. Skilled assistance with activities of daily living
  2. Engaging in meaningful recreational activities
  3. Implementing useful, specific, and practical strategies to attend work or school effectively
  4. Mitigating barriers limiting your ability to contribute to society in ways that are important to you.
  5. Collaborative approach: Implementing recommendations by other allied health professionals
  6. Providing continued sound therapeutic interventions
  7. Doing the relevant assessments, trials and paperwork for assistive devices/equipment that will help your life a more meaningful life with your disability.

We encourage your engagement in all our decision-making so that you are always comfortable and satisfied through our relationship. By enhancing your skills, we can help you achieve your NDIS goals and assist you in living your life with greater pressure and independence.

Our Occupational Therapy NDIS services are provided under the following categories:

  1. Capacity Building Daily Living
  2. Improved Daily living skills
  3. Improved health and wellbeing
  4. Assistive Technology

At 4 Life, our interventions are safe, evidenced-based and performed by therapists who is genuinely interested helping you to achieve your goals.

NDIS Podiatry

Our podiatrists are skilled and equipped to help you achieve your personal goals to help maintain or improve the over integrity of your lower limb and foot health, so that are you able to live to your fullest potential.

We provide quality services such as, and not limited to: 

  1. Comprehensive assessments and management by skilled podiatrist
  2. Biomechanical Assessments & custom-made orthotics
  3. Orthotic prescriptions and gait analysis
  4. General nail & skin Care
  5. Callous and painful corn removals
  6. Permanent solutions of deformities of your nail correction and ingrown nail management through nail surgery
  7. Wart management
  8. Pain in your lower limbs that affects your functional ability
  9. Prescription of assistive devices (Cam walker, Darko shoes, splints, toe separators, braces, innersoles…)
  10. Products that will help NDIS participants live their life to their full potential
  11. Footwear advice and prescription
  12. Offloading devices (Cam walker, Darko shoe)

Our Podiatry NDIS services are provided under the following categories:

  1. Capacity Building Daily Living
  2. Improved Daily living skills
  3. Improved health and wellbeing
  4. Assistive Technology

At 4life, our interventions are safe, evidenced-based and performed by experienced Podiatrists.

NDIS – Visiting You

In addition to providing services from our state of the art clinic, rehabilitation gym and pilates studio, we can also visit:
At Homes
At Schools
At Care Homes
At Workplaces
At Local Gymnasiums
At Hydrotherapy Pools

Why Choose Us


We take the time to assess each patient and develop a scientific approach to their care, ensuring long lasting results.


We ensure adequate time is allowed for every appointment and never double book.


All staff at 4 Life place our patients at the centre of our care, empowering you to make good healthcare decisions.


We will communicate with you along your journey with us. From text message reminders to inbox home exercise programs.


Our team undertake group and individual professional development training every year to further their skills.


We hope that you will notice our smiles as soon as you enter our practice.
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