Meet The Team

Tarryn Jeftha

Tarryn is an NDIS registered Physiotherapist.

NDIS & Disability Physio

Tarryn joined 4life physiotherapy in 2022. She is born and bred in the Southern most point of Africa – Cape Town. She has a keen interest in neurology and disabilities. She is currently working towards her neurology titling with the Australian Physiotherapy Association of Australia.

Tarryn graduated with her bachelors in Physiotherapy in 2016 and Masters in physiotherapy in 2018, at the University of Western Cape, South Africa. Her masters were an epidemiology study on traumatic spinal cord injuries. Tarryn values sound evidence-based practice and has dedicated 4 years of her post graduate career to research and Academia, where she lectured undergraduate health science students and worked on 2 global research studies. In 2019 she presented her research findings at the international spinal cord conference in Nice, France.

Tarryn has been in Australia for 2 years. She remains passionate about advocating for the needs of those that cannot advocate for themselves. Her clinical interventions are geared towards improving clients lived experiences, promoting, and improving functional ability and integrating them into a meaningful and purposeful life.

4 things you might not know about Tarryn:

1: She is an outside kind of girl-next to a bond fire, and under the open skies.

2: Tarryn love travelling and experiencing different cultures.

3: Tarryn loves her naps.

4: She believes in doing what you need to, to make your dreams a reality; else those dreams stay dreams.

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