Meet The Team

Rhett Cheney

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Rhett joined 4 Life Physiotherapy in December 2022 after completing his BSc Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University. Holistic management is the cornerstone of his approach paying particular attention to how pain is related to work, sleep and lifestyle. He is a proud promoter of self-management and achieves this through goal setting, education, manual therapies and exercise-based rehabilitation.

4 Things you might not know about Rhett:

  1. He is home grown and familiar with every beach north and south of Mandurah
  2. His passion for fitness and movement started early particularly around swimming, cycling and running.
  3. Rhett is passionate about cooking and music (preferably at the same time) and is always looking for recommendations to expand his palate
  4. He loves learning about different cultures, past and present, and hopes to travel to every continent.
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