Meet The Team

Michael Elliot

Musculoskeletal Physio

Michael Joined 4 Life Physiotherapy in November 2021. He completed his BSc. Physiotherapy degree at the prestigious University of Cape Town in 2009 and has accumulated extensive experience within various sectors of the public, private and corporate healthcare industry since then.  After completing his MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) in 2016, he progressed in the Occupational Health sector as a National Key Account Manager implementing ground-breaking telehealth services to reduce the burden of workplace induced musculoskeletal disorders across various multinational companies. He then progressed to a National Sales Specialist, managing a team offering best practice staffing solutions to private and public healthcare institutions with a core focus on emergency medicine departments. Since then, Michael has been in Australia for the last two years working in a private practice setting within Western Australia and is committed to obtaining a specialisation title in the next year, most likely in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy or Occupational Health. Michael enjoys a goal oriented and hands-on approach using techniques such as supervised rehabilitation, dry needling, specific soft tissue release techniques and joint mobilisations to reach a favourable outcome and restore your functional ability to meet the demands of your life. Lifespan mobility certainly does matter!

4 Things you might not know about Michael:

  1. Michael is obsessed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and dreams of becoming a multiple-time world champion. He appreciates the mental warfare and the art of effortlessly flowing in the movement to mitigate the power of his opponent.
  2. He is a firm believer in vision boarding and dares you to write down your boldest dreams and press toward it, relentlessly!
  3. He is from South Africa and above all else, values the opportunity to sow seeds of kindness, joy, and inspiration in the hearts of those he meets.
  4. Although he greatly enjoys interacting with others, he appreciates his quiet time and will often treat himself to lazing around on the beach, reading/learning, and prayer/meditation.
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