Meet The Team

Gary joined 4 Life Physiotherapy in 2017. Gary has extensive private practice experience, working in private clinics for over 18 years. Gary is from England, he and his family moved to Western Australia in 2011. Before studying Physiotherapy, he was a professional soccer player, Gary played for Everton in the 1980’s where he won the English League Championship twice, the FA Cup once and the European Cup Winner’s Cup once. Gary has an interest in sports Physiotherapy, spinal health, and vertigo. He is also actively involved in charity work connected to childhood cancer.

4 Things you might not know about Gary:

  1. Gary’s name is actually Michael, but he prefers Gary!
  2. He enjoys spending his weekends outdoors with his family, he particularly enjoys birdwatching.
  3. Gary coaches his son’s soccer team at Rockingham City Football club.
  4. He loves a good cup of coffee.
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