Meet The Team

Lower limb, lifespan mobility and tendon problems

Craig has nearly 30 years of clinical experience as a health care practitioner and equally enjoys his professions as physiotherapist and podiatrist. As a young man, he had an innate interest in the science of human movement and saw physical activity as an important pillar of health. He subsequently trained in two disciplines as both provide important contributions to human mobility, and moreover, complement each other.

Craig has backgrounds in community, primary and rural/remote health. In view of this, he sees himself somewhat of a generalist in terms of the patient conditions he has worked with. Whilst his dual qualification has gravitated his work towards the lower limbs, Craig enjoys solving all musculoskeletal problems. In the latter of his career, he has developed special interests in lifespan health issues and all tendinopathies.

4 Things you might not know about Craig:

  1. He has (most tragically) been a member of the Carlton Football club for nearly 30 years
  2. Craig teaches meditation
  3. He enjoys strength training and cycling
  4. Craig’s hobbies include native gardening, aquarium keeping and playing guitar (badly!)
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