Pilates Exercise For Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain

“Evidence suggests that those with acute low back pain experienced less pain and improved function
when staying safely active compared to rest in bed.”


Following on from our previous blog ‘What causes back pain?’, we now need to chat about how to recover from back pain. Partnering with a 4 Life Physiotherapist to get you back on track and doing what you love sooner and give you the confidence to keep progressing forward and never looking back (mind the pun!).


How can a Physio help me recover from my back pain?


Our 4 Life Physiotherapist’s have multiple tools at their disposal to tailor a management and treatment plan to YOU individually. Manual therapy, dry needling, mobilising of joints and other hands on techniques are usually used in the initial phase to calm the bodies protective response, improve blood flow and reduce pain.


Once pain has settled, your Physiotherapist will guide you through exercises and progressions to return you to your previous function and activities. This may be getting back in the garden, hitting your squat PB again or getting through a work day pain free – each person is different in what they need to achieve.


I don’t have time to exercise – is that a problem?


Your 4 Life Physiotherapist will work with YOU to figure out how to improve your pain and function that fits into your lifestyle. Hands on therapy can be very beneficial, but isn’t necessarily a long term solution as what you do on a daily basis is what can make the biggest difference. We are there to guide, educate and provide hands on when needed. If you aren’t able to fit into your schedule some specific exercises we can figure out ways throughout your day to implement strategies to still achieve the common goal of improvement in your back pain.


How can I help my back pain improve?


How you think and feel about your back pain has a large impact on your recovery, and your previous experiences can’t help but to play a role also. Listening to your Physiotherapist, asking as many questions as possible, implementing the advice given and being open and honest is the best way to continue progressing towards your goal.


How many appointments will I need?


This will vary for each individual and is dependent on the duration of the pain episode, the classification of the back pain (as we have discussed in a previous blog) and your specific goal. Some may only need a few appointments to recover from a very acute episode of back pain, some may require a more long term Physiotherapist plan. If your goal is only to have a reduction in pain then this may equate to a quicker turn around time, but if your goal is returning to sport, or returning to the bowling green then expect to build a relationship with your Physiotherapist and trust in their judgment, skill and advice.


And remember – nothing will change if nothing changes – so take the step to come see us at 4 Life to change for the better and continue staying healthy and mobile for longer!


“Exercise therapy is more effective then usual care from a GP”


Give us a call today on 9583 5200 to book an appointment or book online now.


See you soon!

Written by Cassie Budd, Physiotherapist at 4 Life Physiotherapy Mandurah.



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